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  •         Hi there! We've been waiting for you for a long time, hurry to move in the "Bubble Home"! Move in now, water and electricity are free! Let us reproduce the most...

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Bubble Home

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Hi there! We've been waiting for yo [详情]

Hi there! We've been waiting for you for a long time, hurry to move in the "Bubble Home"! Move in now, water and electricity are free! Let us reproduce the most glorious moment of the love apartment! [The story begins] It is said that the love apartment has two unrequited joys and sorrows, and Joe is a no cure playboy, and Mega is so innocent and cute. The most unlikely two young people, they actually decided to get married? ! An unexpected letter told Joe that he got an apartment, then this wedding apartment problem solved.. The reality is still cruel, and like most of the TV series, a test for Joe that requires a lot of trials to make it works. So...you! Yes~ is you! ! It is naturally become their help! Only through your wisdom can you help them rebuild their apartments and walk up to the White Dream Hall to complete their ultimate goal! Don't look away, it's you~ Come on, we want you! ! [Features] The protagonists of the TV dramas you know will all be on the scene, make up for the ten years of love, and write the perfect ending story. It’s a must, the three-games of burning brains, all kinds of novel obstacles, difficult levels, special treatment and dissatisfaction! Repair the old and broken apartment you saw, you can turn it into a magic! Exquisite furniture, many mysterious theme rooms, will make you hooked up with nonstop fun. The most fashionable activities in history: Buddhism, tidal, dream, and reasoning have a suitable for you! There is also a mysterious dog who likes making troubles, please it or surrender? You decide! [Apartment Residence Committee] Like: Your comments and suggestions are especially important to us, please contact the apartment boldly! Our aim is: never let the residents down! [Apartment Slogan] Anytime, anywhere, happy gaming; Easy gaming during work days; Juicy daily gift packs; Playable without network. In summary, download and play now, if you see our sincerity.


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