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  •         CryptoGalaxy is a virtual universe composed of unique planets, each filled with precious minerals for you to dig. Minerals can be converted to Gala, a token tha...



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CryptoGalaxy is a virtual universe [详情]

CryptoGalaxy is a virtual universe composed of unique planets, each filled with precious minerals for you to dig. Minerals can be converted to Gala, a token that governs the galaxy. Trade planets, dig minerals and convert them to real money while exploring the universe. The core structure of CryptoGalaxy is similar to that of other galaxies. It is composed of many unique planets that are distinct and yet somewhat similar in their diverse features. Each planet is unique in terms of color, appearance, mineral supply and value. Planets are endowed with digital assets (natural resources) that users can exploit and monetize. What’s more, planets are upgraded continuously to make them more valuable and profitable. Planets can be bought from other players or found through space exploration. Minerals dug on planets can then be converted into Gala in the GalaxyEX. Gala is the token that is the fuel of the whole Galaxy planet ecosystem. CryptoGalaxy: Explore, Trade Benefit Main features: - Trade planets with other players - Store ZPT and Gala in a digital wallet - Track recent transactions - Dig minerals that can be converted to Gala token - Stake ZPT in game to earn more Gala daily - Rent spaceships to find minerals, Gala or planets - Upgrade your planets to improve their mineral yield - Buy and upgrade your GalaBot diggers to expand your mining capacity - Represent your nation and compete with others - Planets represent digital assets on the blockchain Since the assets in the game are real digital assets with monetary value, make sure to keep your account safe and not share it with anyone. Store your password and PIN code in a safe, offline space. Many more fun features will be added in the future. If you are interested in future development of CryptoGalaxy, get in touch with us. Enjoy your space exploration and conquer a piece of Galaxy for yourself.


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